About Mendem Soft

Mendem Soft deals with the web development and also with the mobile application development.

We are a team of web development and mobile application development. We are capable of handle any type of web projects and mobile apps too. The desiging team formed with well experienced developers and architects.

The Designing team includes Architects and web designers, Android developers. In the past we developed a website and mobile apps.

  • We are experienced Architects and Developers
  • Our best is Simple design of application.
  • We prefer updating technology every time.
  • Security is also another key.
  • We smile at every single challange.

Our past in this industry

We are formerly CARE TECH. We developed a website for the devotees of the Krishna Pushkaralu. That was recognised by the Local Govt. That deals not only just information but also tracking system of every event and information from the goverment.

We are focused only on the new technology. We are going to develop only our products. We don't have any interest of doing out-side projects. Mobile applications of Mendem Soft deals with only our products.

In this IT industry a lot of compitetion but never afraid of anything else. We are unique in the way of thinking and also with the way designing. We are going to launch our latest application very soon. Our previous projects gave us a lot of power to desing current product.

We developed this website and apps to utilize each and every devotee without any difficulty. This website deals with the nearest ghats and temples, hotels, bus stations and with their routing on the maps too. We updated every day events on the each and every place in the Andhra region. We got 50K+ views and lot more appriciations from everyone. www.krishnammapushkaralu.com, .co.in, .in, all three were designed by us.
We developed android applications and iphone applications. We bellive in ourselves to develop the best apps with simple design and security. Our team have a lot of experinced architects and developers. We love to take every single challenge with ease. We would love to work as team with any other company if there is a need.
Mendem Software Technologies is established to develop and design its own products. Our products are in the process of designing. We are soon launch those products in the market. We have marketing team to estimate the marketing strategies and hurdles to be face.

Let's Work Together!


Our Ongoing Projects and technology used.
We will display all information about each project soon.